Home Care a Big Hit in Franchising

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Home Care a Big Hit in Franchising

With over 3.5 million people in Australia aged 65 or over, there is no doubt that in the coming years demand for aged care will continue to rise. Home care is by far the most popular choice for the country’s older population, with many Australian’s wanting to stay in their home and retain their independence. Additionally, the increased funding to the NDIS is making such services more accessible. As a result, opportunities within the aged care sector will grow, and already the market is seeing an influx of healthcare-based franchises.


Traditionally, Australia’s healthcare sector is largely dominated by publicly owned or government-backed providers, working alongside a number of private organisations. However, as demand continues to grow and opportunities become available, many private entrants are opening their doors in the form of franchise businesses. The franchising model has proven to be a great fit for the home care sector, delivering benefits to both the franchisees and their customers.


Home care franchises are an intrinsically rewarding experience and offer a unique opportunity for those already working in the sector to own their own business. This provides more flexibility with hours and working conditions, with the ability to move away from the shift style work that is commonplace. As well as having more control over their employment, the franchising model provides an added network of support from the franchisor and fellow franchisees, which can increase their chances of success. Furthermore, franchisees are able to leverage the power of the network as a whole and rapidly grow their customer base.


For customers, the franchising model offers a familiar and consistent experience, no matter where in the country they are. Additionally, the business model helps with the availability of services in regional areas, where other suppliers may not see enough ROI if they were to invest their resources in opening a branch.


As Australia’s population continues to age, the new opportunities available for home care and aged care franchises will also grow.