7 Go-To Resources About Owning A Franchise

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7 Go-To Resources About Owning A Franchise

Whilst franchise systems strive to make the process of purchasing and owning a franchise business as simple as possible, there can still be challenges to overcome. There is a wealth of resources available for potential and existing franchisees through their ownership journey, and we have listed the best of the best below.


1. Franchise Council of Australia

The FCA is a leading industry body for Australia’s franchise industry and takes their role as a representative for franchisees, franchisors, and suppliers within the sector very seriously. Their mission is to create a compliant, sustainable, and profitable industry, and they do so by maintaining a calendar of informative and educational events. Their website also provides a catalogue of resources for franchisees and franchisors – accessible for both members and non-members.

Access this resource here: https://www.franchise.org.au/


2. FRANdata

FRANdata is a business intelligence agency that specializes in supplying credible information to help those within the franchise industry make informed decisions. For over 25 years FRANdata has been providing objective information about franchise brands and have recently launched their Franchise Rating System here in Australia. The five star rating can help prospective franchisees evaluate their business ownership options and choose the right franchise for them.

Access this resource here: http://www.frandata.com.au/


3. Fair Work Ombudsman

Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman provides important information for business owners and employees about their rights and obligations within the workplace. This is essential for any business owner to ensure that they are operating in line with the Fair Work Act and provides advice and education in this space.

Access this resource here: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/


4. Franchise Relationships Institute

Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) are experts in the psychology and franchising, providing services to help franchisors build strong and successful networks. Their focus on fostering healthy franchise relationships using strategies based on business psychology is backed by extensive research on franchise systems across the globe. FRI’s bootcamps, workshops and masterclasses provide attendees with an arsenal of tools to help them in their roles and are renowned within the industry.

Access this resource here: https://www.franchiserelationships.com/


5. Franchise Buyer

The Franchise Buyer website offers a wealth of digital resources on topics including sales & growth, marketing, finance and franchise recruitment. Whether you are considering purchasing a franchise, or an existing franchise owner, Franchise Buyer provides valuable insight into what is happening in the franchise sector.

Access this resource here: https://www.franchisebuyer.com.au/


6. Franchise Advisory Centre

The Franchise Advisory Centre (FAC) delivers practical education to franchisors about best practice within the franchise industry. With the largest calendar of franchise education events within Australia, the FAC is backed by the Franchise Council of Australia and has taught workshops to over 1200 franchise brands. Further, their newsletter provides the latest franchise news, advice, and tips.

Access this resource here: https://www.franchiseadvice.com.au/


7. Inside Franchise Business

Inside Franchise Business offers potential franchisees a directory of available franchise opportunities across Australia, broken down into industry and state to make the process easy for aspiring business owners. As well as their extensive directory, Inside Franchise Business provides news and advise on all things franchising and is a valuable information source for franchise owners.

Access this resource here: https://www.franchisebusiness.com.au/